Carnation flowers are again gaining market share worldwide. In comparison to the international market, the main advantage in India is the relative low cost of labour. The country also has a strategic geographical position for export markets such as the Middle and Far East, Russia, Australia and Japan. The European market is shared with producers in Africa and Europe itself (mainly Spain and Italy).
The local Indian market offers good sales opportunities. With financial support from the government, there are a lot of farmers entering this segment. Competition in the local market is therefore intense. It is up to the growers to produce the maximum number of good flowers at low costs to maximize returns.

Carnation varieties

Bangalore Plants First reproduces and sells carnation varieties of La Villetta, an Italian company, located close to San Remo, the floriculture centre of North Italy. La Villetta is an important player in the world of carnation breeding. The breeder has a large selection of varieties in a wide range of colours and colour combinations. Its varieties are highly successful in the floriculture regions of Europe, Ecuador, Colombia and elsewhere, with over 23 countries importing the flowers.

The varieties are grown in the ‘home market’ around the Mediterranean of Southern Europe and North Africa taking advantage of the warm to hot summers and cool winters. However, carnations are also well suited for the colder climates at higher altitudes in South America and Northern parts of Europe. In addition to supplying a large range of excellent varieties for growers, genetic material from La Villetta breeding are used by other major breeders in Europe.

Quality guarantee

The high quality of plants propagated by Bangalore Plants First is assured in part due to the excellent climatic conditions at Yercaud, where our propagation operation is situated. The plants here tend to be sturdier, with broader leaves and shorter internodes.
Obviously we follow the international standards for the production of disease-free material. Mother plants are grown in sterile cocopeat substrate and greenhouses are insect-free. Entrance is restricted to our well-trained working force and under strict hygiene conditions. You, as our client, are invited to see our operation, but…………from the outside!

All the varieties offered by Bangalore Plants First have been specifically chosen to suit the Indian conditions. Varieties are chosen based on three characteristics: high production, good resistance to wilting and strong growth.
Furthermore, carnations lend themselves very well for propagation; in general flowers can be obtained whenever required.

All the new varieties introduced by Bangalore Plants First are first grown on a trial basis at our own farm before being entered into commercial production.

Technical assitance

Bangalore Plants First, with its long experience in the cultivation of carnation flowers, is able to assist its clients with all the necessary technical information. There are three sets of practises for the cultivation of carnations:

  • The ones that always have to be followed,
  • The ‘academic’ ones that are followed depending on crop state and weather conditions,
  • The ones aimed at maximizing the output of the crop. The implementation of these practises depends on planting date and choice of market.

For long-term cultivation of carnations it is essential that fields are kept free from Fusarium. This requires strict rules in all aspects of cultivation. Bangalore Plants First covers all these aspects and more in the technical assistance offered to growers with each order.


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