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Robert de Bos, Dutch.

Has been in the horticulture/floriculture field for many years as a grower, trader and exporter of many crops, his opinion reflects almost five decades of horticulture/floriculture experience all over the world including the Netherlands, South America, Kenya Middle East and India. He holds a BSc. degree in Ornamental Horticulture and a MSc degree in International Agriculture Production and Marketing Management from the Netherlands and UK.

Rajeshwari Kalyansundaram, Indian.

Her floriculture knowledge has been acquired from exposure to the export floriculture through sales and supply of plants and involvement in the technical assistance to growers for almost 20 years. She has a wide experience in floriculture management issues, gained through working continuously with growers, managers and visits to farms and has made study trips to Kenya, the Netherlands, Italy and Sri Lanka. She is the hub in the network both within the company and with our business relations. She holds an MBA in Marketing and a Diploma in Systems Management.  


Bangalore Plants First

With the rapid development of floriculture in India in the late nineties the need for a professional propagation company in the country which would satisfy the demand for high quality products at affordable prices became apparent.
Bangalore Plants First Pvt. Ltd was established in 2001 to face just this challenge, and to cater specifically to the requirements of commercial cut-flower growers.
Bangalore Plants First has been in the floricultural business from the moment that export-oriented floriculture took-off in the country in the early nineties.

Bangalore Plants First deals exclusively with the propagation of plant material for flower growers and is fully dedicated to the quality of the product and the needs of the growers. Bangalore Plants First strives to continuously improve its services, drawing from floriculture knowledge and technologies from across the world.

Initially focused specifically on rose plants, over the years the company has enlarged its product portfolio. Especially carnations have become an important product. Eustoma was recently introduced and is expected to soon hold a strong third place in our portfolio.
Several other products are currently being introduced. To ensure reliable results and in agreement with the quality Bangalore Plants First is committed to deliver, all new flower species are grown on trial basis in our own farms and tested extensively before being introduced into the market.

Bangalore Plants First has strengthened its competitive position in the market by providing good support to client needs and by continuously improving its products, including packing and delivery. The technical assistance provided by Bangalore Plants First is an integral part of the plant supply and together with plant quality, it is one of the factors for a high success rate amongst our clients.

Bangalore Plants First

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