About Bangalore Plants First

Bangalore Plants First Pvt. Ltd. is a consultancy company registered in India, well-known in the horticulture and floriculture business in the country and beyond. The directors are Robert de Bos (MSc) from the Netherlands and Rajeshwari K (MBA) from Bangalore. We are horticultural and floricultural consultants and management professionals. Our many decades of experience in the cultivation and trading business spans several crops and several countries in different continents.

Bangalore Plants First was established in 2001. In the first 12 to 15 years the focus was on propagation and supply of plants to flower growers, often in the export sector. High quality plant material together with practical advice on cultivation and regular follow-ups made for a highly successful combination. As plant suppliers and consultants we honed our expertise and management skills, working with Governments in various States in India and in the private sector with large corporate companies and small scale farmers.
The long experience in the international horticulture and floriculture business in many aspects by the directors made the shift towards consultancy a logical expansion over the years. Since 2017 we have decided to dedicate full time to advisory services in the horticulture and floriculture business.

We work with motivated professionals in our assignments. We are supported by our Associates in Finance, Chartered Accountancy, Company Law, Legal Advice, Recruitment and other areas where specific expertise is required. We are associated with a large propagation facility for seeding, cuttings and grafting.
Our network counts with companies in many fields of the horticulture and floriculture business, in the country and from abroad, often with a specific edge or front runners in their fields.
As such we are available for a large scope of assignments.
We also join in as specialists in multidisciplinary teams under reputed consultancy firms.
As a small company we, the directors ourselves are involved in all the steps it takes to fulfill consulting assignments.

Robert de Bos

Profile Robert de Bos (Dutch)

Has been in the horticulture/floriculture field for many years as a grower, trader and exporter of many crops, his opinion reflects almost five decades of horticulture/floriculture experience all over the world including The Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, Sultanate of Oman and UAE and India. He holds a BSc. degree in Ornamental Horticulture and a MSc. degree in International Agriculture (Production and Marketing Management) from the Netherlands and UK. Fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish.

Rajeshwari Kalyansundaram

Profile Rajeshwari Kalyansundaram (Indian)

Her floriculture knowledge has been acquired from exposure to the export floriculture through sales and supply of plants and involvement in the technical assistance to growers for 20 years. She has a wide experience in floriculture management issues, gained through working continuously with growers, managers and visits to farms and has made study trips to Kenya, the Netherlands, Italy and Sri Lanka. She is the hub in the network both within the company and with our business relations. She holds an MBA in Marketing and a Diploma in Systems Management. Languages: English, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi

We are member of

Indo Netherlands Business Circle Bangalore (INBCB), Chairman
Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), Agri-committee member
Agriculture Circle

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