Record of activities by Bangalore Plants First since 2001

Introduced the propagation technique of top grafting of rose plants.
Brought the Natal Briar root stock to the country.
Introduced our new cultivation techniques in green house. This opened opportunities for many climatic zones in the country.
Participated in multiple Exhibitions, fairs and presented many papers in Seminars and Conferences.
Over the years we represented companies as, La Viletta (carnation breeder), Penning (Freesia breeder), Kieft (seeds)

Contracts and collaborations with State Governments:

For the promotion of floriculture in Kodaikanal Region we participated in activities and prepared proposals for floriculture and horticulture development for the Tamil Nadu Government. In Kodaikanal in collaboration with the Horticulture Department we planted successfully a green house with Eustoma as a commercial pilot project.
As technical consultant, in collaboration with (late) Mr. Nadeem Ahmed we established a Joint Venture between VWS (Dutch flowerbulb company) and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to grow Lilium bulbs. Our company BPF was the match maker and liaison in this project.
An extensive study about the opportunities for floriculture in this State was undertaken and concluded with a detailed report.
Under an exclusive contract with the Government of Rajasthan we were appointed as the sole supplier of plant material and technical consultant in the floriculture development scheme, covering many growers, from Suwai Madapur to Sri Ganganagar.


  • In Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharastra we worked with large corporate companies as Nagarjuna, Manjushree, Suvarna, Soex Flora, Essar Agrotech, Century and many smaller growers, especially in de MIDC Floriculture Park (Telagaon, MH) in the supply of plants, technical advice and as independent consultancy contracts.
  • Consultancy contract with Ambrosia Pvt. Ltd. on cultivation practises in a high-tech vegetable cultivation with a large variety of crops.
  • In Andhra Pradesh in the 90s we were active in the area around Hyderabad with supply of plants imported from Holland and consultancy. In the later years we again took up supplies and consultancy.
  • Our early supplies and technical assistance took place in Navsari (Gujarat), followed by growers in the regions of Surat, Ahmedabad and Vadodara.
  • Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand supply of plants and intensive follow up visits for technical assistance to small, new growers of mainly carnations, roses, capsicum and others.
  • In Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh supply to many locations and follow up visits.
  • West Bengal has technically difficult conditions where we supplied plants and assisted successfully with the establishment of 2 projects.
  • Export of plants took place over the years. Also here technical follow up visits were made.

Throughout the years we were invited to several Missions and Conferences:

  • Mission to Sikkim by invitation of APEDA
  • Part of a Consultancy Consortium for a Tata assignment in Munnar.
  • On invitation of the institute MANAGE in Hyderabad a daylong interactive lecture was given to the final year students on management in floriculture.
  • We presented several papers at conferences on floriculture throughout the country.

We write regularly technical articles about issues in cultivation of different crops and technological developments.