All plant material at Bangalore Plants First is produced under well established procedures which are continuously improved where and when possible. When the plants are hardened and ready for delivery, Bangalore Plants First takes care of providing the correct soil humidity and carrying out preventive treatments where necessary. During the packing plants are checked once more. The boxes are cooled before delivery. Precise packing ensures that the plants arrive in good shape.

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Statice plants, Limonium sinuatum. QIS Series.

Statice is an annual crop with a cultivation period of 6 to 8 months. Flowering starts about 2 and-a-half months after planting. The first flush lasts for about 1 and-a-half months, harvesting between 12 and 15 flower-stems per plant.
Two months later a second flush will give another 10 to 12 flower-stems. A third flush is normally not recommended.

The crop is mainly grown in the open field and since the flowerheads do not cope well with continuous rains, planting is recommended in September or November with flowering taking place from December till April.

Only the best strains of seed are suitable for commercial flower growing. Healthy plant material is the basis for a successful crop. A good number of colours facilitate easy marketing. Recommended gross cultivation densities average 10 plants per m2. Plants are delivered with small root clumps of 5 cm3.

Gypsophila plants

This perennial variety is propagated through cuttings. The large flower stems are 60 to 80 cm high with a dense setting of small double flowers. An ideal bouquet filler.

The crop can be grown in the open (with shade-netting), but continuous rains will spoil the flowers.

Molucella laevis plants

The flower stems are set with small bell-shaped flowers, from bottom to top. Since all parts of the flower and flower-stems are green the product is used as an elegant green filler.

For good quality flowers cool night temperatures are required. Best is 12 to 16 degrees at night with 22 to 27 degrees during the day. The plant can be grown under a 30% shade-netting, as long as rains are not too frequent.

Myrtle plants

This shrub starts giving branches about 8 months after planting. The branches have small shiny leaves which are much appreciated as a green filler by florists.

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