Rose flowers form the bulk of flower trade worldwide. Bangalore Plants First is a leader in the field of rose propagation in India having introduced top-grafted rose plants into the country in the late nineties. Over time we have specialized in the propagation of top-grafts, having adapted the plant to the conditions and requirements of the clients.
Bangalore Plants First delivers first class top-grafted rose plants at various stages of maturity between 6 and 10 weeks after the order is placed. The plants are hardened and have a well-developed root systems and fresh sprouts. The client can choose between plants with a young sprout or pinched plants with small side sprouts (makes for a hardier plant).
Bangalore Plants First can deliver plants throughout the year due to its climate-controlled greenhouses, and thanks to the very stable natural climate conditions at our farm in the mountains of Yercaud, at 1500m above sea level.


Rose varieties are selected by the breeders on the basis of flower characteristics and the general appearance of the stem and flower. Most varieties do not have strong roots and hence are grown on root-stock.
There are several root-stock varieties available on which roses have been grown for decades. Often the choice of root-stock is related to local conditions. The most important root-stocks are selections of Rosa canina Inermis and those of Rosa indica, Rose multiflora and Rosa noisettiana Manetti. For the garden sector Rosa rubiginosais preferred.

In the late eighties Natal Briar entered the market. Many trials and testings have demonstrated that this root-stock is by far the most suitable for most varieties in general. Under good growing conditions this root-stock gives high production of flowers with good stem length and strong colours in any of the rose-growing climates worldwide, both in soil and substrate.
For this reason, Bangalore Plants First imported this root-stock variety to India and uses it exclusively for all its propagation operations.


All our propagation takes place in a medium of sterile cocopeat mixed with thermocol granules in net-pot multi-cavity trays. The net-pots are kept in greenhouses with full facilities, including mist system, pad 'n fan and heating.
This all ensures the production of high quality plants, free from pests and diseases.

The rose flowers

The first flowers of our propagated plants can be harvested as early as ten weeks from the date of planting, depending on crop management and climate.
Even though top-grafts have a higher price than budded plants, the quicker and consistently higher production of better flowers throughout the life of the plant pays back manifold for the difference in price. Remember, the greenhouse, the fertigation, the cool storage are all support systems: the plants are what will give you your return on investment. It is not wise to make concessions on plant quality to save a little on investment when this will compromise production over the next 6 to 7 years. As we say at Bangalore Plants First, Plants First!!

For new growers, but also for some of our experienced clients who are familiar with our plant types, we have an option of supplying older top-grafts at a slightly higher cost. The 6-8 week plants are transplanted into a bag and grown for a further 2 months. These plants are hardier, but also give earlier and initially higher production. This is also an option for growers with planting delays.

Bangalore Plants First gives information on varieties, but ultimately it is the grower’s choice. Availability of the varieties depend on source of budwood, locally or from abroad.


Before shipping the plants receive extra attention and preparation and are treated with specific products if required. The plants are placed in carton sleeves for maximum protection, before being packed in boxes.


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