Standard Technical Assistance

The standard technical assistance provided by Bangalore Plants First starts from the moment an order is placed. If the order is placed in time, Bangalore Plants First can also offer recommendations on soil preparation and bed making. Soil preparation is an extremely important step for a good start. This is especially true for rose plants as they will spend 7 to 8 years in the soil.

A list of materials required during and after planting, including all necessary fertilizers and chemicals for the first 3 months, is sent well in advance of the delivery. Just before the delivery of plants extensive documentation is delivered with detailed instructions for planting and the initial after care.


Bangalore Plants First has a commitment to on site consultancy for its client whenever possible. Visits are scheduled for crucial stages of the crop such as bending and harvesting and additional documentation is provided based on the state of the plants. For substantial orders a Bangalore Plants First specialist will be available for consultation during the planting. Visits outside the country are discussed with the client on a case by case basis.

Also and importantly Bangalore Plants First is readily and reliably available through mail and phone on work days from 9 to 5.

Scope of Standard Technical Assistance

  • Soil preparation and bed making
  • Planting and initial after-care
  • Cultural handling
  • Fertilizer application and irrigation
  • Climate control
  • Control of pests and diseases
  • Harvest and post-harvest


The people who make up Bangalore Plants First have been in floriculture for several decades across the world, accumulating vast experience in flower growing. This, together with the years of involvement in Indian floriculture from a resident´s perspective and years of experience in international consultancy assures a high professional standard.
Furthermore, due to the recurrent need of our clients for an integrated and structural management and training, Bangalore Plants First has developed it´s own highly effective system for consultancy operations. The basis of this system is an intimate knowledge of the clients´ situation which is developed through frequent visits and which allows Bangalore Plants First to develop custom-made made trainings covering all aspects of the client´s operation; from environmental issues to crop conditions and from management aspects to the processes in use. Particular attention is paid to the interdependence of these aspects as this is crucial for good success rates.

The development of custom-made trainings is an integral part of the solutions developed by Bangalore Plants First. The aim of these trainings is the creation of a deeper understanding of all aspects of the client´s situation. Furthermore, the focus is on practical training and hands-on experience, as Bangalore Plants First has found through years of experience that this approach significantly improves knowledge retention and decision-making by the client.

Consultancy projects are organised into phases:

  • Identification: of short and long-term objectives,
  • Planning: for the development of the project,
  • Design: of infrastructure and facilities, including detailed diagrams,
  • Purchase: of necessary materials,
  • Execution: construction, installation and commissioning,
  • Implementation: the actual growing and trading of flowers.

For existing crops Bangalore Plants First specialists are available for regular visits or on-call basis. Bangalore Plants First also offers a troubleshooting service.

In-House Courses and Seminars

For training of managers and other staff members Bangalore Plants First provides courses and seminars, in general or on specific subjects, for one or more days.

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