Foreign Entrepreneurs

India is more than a country, it is a continent, with a large population. Hence there is a large market for buying and selling. Local produce is sold in this highly segmented market, but is also exported. The local food processing industry is developing very fast. At the same time certain specific products (fruits and vegetables) are imported.

India has good soils and water in different climate ranges, sub-tropical, tropical and temperate. The climate in the North of the country has a somewhat seasonal character.
Over the last 25 years there have been tremendous advances in horticulture and floriculture in India, both in green houses and open field and not only in regard to cultivation practises, but also supply industry, logistics, imports and exports. High-tech equipment and facilities are often manufactured within the country itself.
In case of outsourcing production, there are growers and farm clusters with successful cultivation of quality products. Professionals with education and practise can be recruited. Governments support the horticulture and floriculture industry with subsidies.

It is also true that India has a strong, protectionist culture and Government rules impact the business in many ways. Entrepreneurs from outside the country may find it initially difficult to adjust to the work environment. We are there to help you out.