Landscaping and gardening

The concept of landscaping deals with a large scope of projects, in which nature and environment, together with beautification and aesthetics play a roll. The projects, small or large, may take place in many different conditions, like arid regions, urbanisation developments, on roof tops and terraces or may envisage urban kitchen gardens, etc.
Some conditions require just a natural approach, sometime a more artificial or technical method.

Our experience in landscaping and garden design in e.g. South America and Middle East gives us many options to adapt the layouts to local and special conditions.
Water saving may be an objective or low maintenance, dense vegetation will reduce noise and air pollution, create privacy and an open vegetation may unite with the surrounding environment.

The worldwide developments of hyper urbanisations demand to bring ‘nature to town’. We bring in our expertise and technology. That does not only create nature around your living places, but also helps you to take care of the plants in an easy way and avoid your premises to become a farm like environment.