Bangalore Plants First Pvt. Ltd. is a horticulture and floriculture consultancy organisation that delivers advise and assistance.

We understand your needs because we have almost five decades of worldwide experience in horticulture and floriculture. With a team of expert associates, we are able to provide you with guidance and inputs specific to your requirement.

We enthusiastically monitor global and local developments in all aspects and use this knowledge in collaboration with you.

The horticulture and floriculture sector is a fabulously dynamic field. The Indian horticultural industry is very much a part of the global marketplace.There is a tremendous scope and challenge in India which is still a nascent market. To achieve higher production and better quality products, our advise is based on precise analysis of the requirements according to local conditions, while keeping a close eye on the economics of any venture. This ensures that our clients have access not only to the latest in international practice, innovations and market insights, but with our help they can make the best strategic use of that information in the local context. We are a one-stop solution for the answers you need - from field to consumer.

While technology must play an important role in production and post production, we believe that without correct cultivation practices, even the most technologically set up can result in disappointment and leave the economic feasibility in doubt. Good cultivation gives good products and reduces costs. Good cultivation is the basis for success. Therefore 'Plants First'!