Horticulture and floriculture growers can benefit from a technology upgrade

As growers, the same as entrepreneurs in other industries, we look at our competitors to know how we are performing. Do they have the same or better products, lower or higher production costs, higher or lower prices, etc? Differences in these matters indicate if we are doing better or poorer. Then the question arises why these differences.
Entrepreneurs are always on the look out to do better in one way or another. That is a necessary aspect of doing business, if you want to stay. Read more about technology upgrade.
Introduction for technology upgrade
The local and global business environment is changing faster and faster and our products are competing on the local as well the international markets. The market receives products from growers in regions and countries that have comparative advantages and disadvantages, resulting in differences in quality, price, presentation and other product values. Countries with low living cost and good labour productivity have low production cost, cool weather conditions give a more robust product at  the cost of lower production, growers far from the market have high transport costs.
These circumstances demand from entrepreneurs, ourselves and our colleagues, an awareness of our strength and emerging opportunities, but even more of the weak points in our performance and very much indeed the threats from the market and competition elsewhere.

We have seen countries with high living costs and due to climatic conditions, high capital inputs, generating ever more produce per square meter and ever higher quality standards to sustain and improve income for many decades. Other countries have created and maintained a recognizable quality standard throughout the year, individual growers have been able to reduce their production costs or make their product eco-friendly. Strengthening the competitive position is the objective.
This is not a one time occurrence because the situation is not static, it is a dynamic one, a continued flow of changes.
Many a grower has still a long ladder of opportunities in the field of technology, providing improved cultivation conditions and sometimes management, especially the smaller growers. With this we will be able to increase production, lower costs per unit of product and be competitive in the international market for the time to come.

In pursuit of improved cultivation, Bangalore Plants First gives some information regarding important equipment and practices. Also a bit of background theory that explains the basic issues that play a role.
Please note that any system or equipment has a strong link to precise implementation and management.

May you need any further information regarding purchase or implementation, please let us know.