Our assistance and consultancy services in the horticulture and floriculture business is based on 3 'pillars'.

Cultivation Technique

The right cultivation technique will maximize production and make efficient use of inputs, thereby reducing the cost per unit. The product is clean and safe (no chemical residues) and will meet any standardized quality control methodology. Precise cultivation minimizes any negative effect on the environment. These criteria are the foundation and the future for the whole industry from farm to consumer. This holds true for any growing system; soil, substrate, hydroponics, vertical growing, controlled environment agriculture growing etc. At BPF our focus is 'plants first'.


Science, innovation and initiative go hand in hand in the enormous developments in the horticulture and floriculture industries and form a large source of knowledge. These developments happen at all levels of integration and stages of advancement and the flow of information is getting faster and faster. That gives a large diversity of scenarios anywhere in the world - from subsistence farming to climate controlled green houses, vertical farming to drone guided large scale cultivation and from street sales to online sales with complex logistics, packaging, processing and value addition at each segment.
We, as consultants, present the many options for different scenarios tailored to the clients particular requirements including the criteria to ensure economic viability. Our reports can be used in future management programs and in dealings with financial institutions.

Management and Implementation

Management is the coordinating force in operations; a good functioning management creates efficient operations. Our management consultancy is based on clearly described procedures and control systems. Practical and soft issues in HR and labour management, training and instructions, time management etc. is taken care of in theory as well as through a systematic approach.
Implementation of knowledge and especially new knowledge often demands change in the way of doing things. That makes it a ‘people’s issue’, because change is normally reluctantly accepted. Management cannot treat this as routine, but has to dedicate attention and time to these issues.
We offer tools and programs as well as assistance to the management.

These 'pillars' are the backbone in our advisory services and guidance in all segments of the horticulture and floriculture business.

Some of the areas and activities of our consultancy services


Feasibility and marketing studies, project reports for alternative scenarios
Selection of crops and production programs
Assistance in establishment of a Company - independent, Joint Venture, M&A and other Business models


We undertake turn-key projects for production companies ranging from design to commissioning and operations, including post harvest handling, packaging and storage.
We also recommend and monitor upgrades to existing facilities via a thorough analysis of the business.


Cultivation Technique programs, including cultivation procedures, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Global Good Agricultural Practises (GGAP), organic growing and/or other sustainable methods
Certification in cultivation procedures. (We are GAP certified.)
Management assistance and interim management
Consultancy programs: long and short term programs, on call or on the spot trouble shooting
Market strategies, product presentation
Storage, logistics and tracking


Tender process, analysis of quotations and assistance in negotiations
Subsidy requirements and application assistance
Value addition at each step of the process and product
Lectures, seminars and practical training
Personnel selection, recruitment and training

The basis for realistic economic prognoses is finding the balance between technological advancements (automation, digital control) and the situation on the ground. Our aim is high performance while mitigating risk. In the operational phase, we ensure good understanding of all aspects pertaining to the process through practical training and hands on experience of staff and establishment of a capable management team.