Active Ingredient Product Names Pests IRAC Code Notes Safety and Environment
abemectine 1.8% Vertimec, Dynamic Insecticide, Miticide. Aphids, thrips leaf miners, white fly, mealy bugs, mites. Caterpillars and larvae (Lepidoptera) avermectine group 6 ingestion, contact, translaminar 0.5-0.8 ml/ltr fermentation of streptomices, hence semi organic. Persistant max 2x per season. PHI 5 days, REI 24 hrs Breaks down easily under light conditions and in soil. Kills predatory mites
acephate Orthene, Asataf, Hunk (95%) Insecticide. Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, thrips, mealy bugs. Beetles, moths and larvae. Armyworms, bolworms, loopers, borers, cutworms. Weevils, crickets, fleas, grasshoppers, wasps. organophosphate 1B contact, ingestion, strongly systemic 500gr/acre, 1-1.4gr/ltr convert into methamidophos low effect on mammals, fish and birds. Very toxic to bees and natural enemies. May induce red mites. Breaks down medim quickly
acetamiprid Pride, Chipco Aphids, mites, leaf miners, caterpillars and larvae, borers and beetles neonicotinoid IRAC 4A, systemic, ovicide, larvacide, adulticide. Broad spectrum. Contact, ingestion 0.4 - 0.5ml/ltr can mix with emamectine or indoxicarb. Toxic to birds Hazardous bees, fish, mamals. REI dry up. PHI 5 days
cyfluthrin (beta) Baythroid Solomon is cyfluthrin + imidacloprid flees, grubs, ants, beetles, larvae and caterpillars etc Synthetic pyrethroide IRAC 3A. Contact, ingestion 0.5ml/ltr Low poisenous to mammales, much to aquatic life and bees. Medium breakdown period. PHI 5days
cypermethrin 25% Cymbush Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, thrips, mealy bugs.Flees, diamond black back, caterpillars, borers Synthetic pyrethroide, IRAC 3. Contact and ingestion 1.5-3ltr/ha Low poisenous to mammales, much to aquatic life and bees. Medium breakdown period. PHI 5days
cyromazine Trigard, Larvadex insecticide, larvacide, miticide. Leafminers, beetles, moths (caterpillars/borers), flies IRAC 17A systemic, contact, ingestion. Growthregulator 200gr/ha low effect on polinators, aquatic life and mammals
bifenthrin 250 Talstar, Capture, Brigade, Maxxthor, also soil application against maggots. Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, thrips, mealy bugs. Caterpillars. Mites pyrethroide 3A. contact, ingestion. 1.0 ml/ltr or high rate one time PHI 1 day persistant poorly soluble in water. Toxic for polinators and natural enemies
clorofenapyr Hunter, Lepido thrips, mites, lepidopteras. Weevils, DiamondBack moth 13 nervous system translaminar 0.75 0 1.0 ml/ ltr apply at coolest point of the day
cloropyrifos 48% Dursban termites, ants, flea beetles, cutworms, root worms, grubs, maggots, mites, armyworms, other caterpillars Organophosphate 1B contact, ingestion, inhalation 1.5-2ltr/ha PHI vegetables from a few days to a month
diafenthiuron Pager, Pegasus sucking insects, two spotted mites, DiamondBM 12 contact, ingestion 240gr/acre poisenous for bees and aquatic life
cyantraniliprole (cyazypyr) Exirel !0% a.i. borers, caterpillars, Lepidoptera, Dipteran leafminers, fruit flies, beetles, weevils, whiteflies, thrips, aphids and psyllids 28 0.5-1.0 ml/ ltr Safe for natural enemies, Poisenous for bees and polinators
dimethoate 400 Tafgor, Rogor broad spectrum. Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, thrips, mealy bugs, mites 1B systemic 0.7-1.0 ml/ ltr PHI 1-7 days (vegetables) Dangerous to environment
diflubenzuron Dimilin Larvae, caterpillars IRAC 15 150ml/acre cancerogen non toxic to mammals, birds and bees
emamectine benzoate Proclaim caterpillars and larvae of 4 winged moths and buterflies. Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, thrips, mealy bugs, avermectine group 6 ingestion, contact, translaminar 0.5-0.8 ml/ltr fermentation of streptomices, hence semi organic. 2x per season. PHI 3 days, REI 24 hrs Kills predatory mites. Breaks down easily under light and in soil.
fenpyroximate Neon, Sedna, Mitigate Miticide. Insecticide. Ovicidal, Larvicide, adulticide. 21A contact, ingestion 0.5 to 1.0 ml/ ltr stops eating, die in 4 to 5 days. REI 12 hrs PHI 1 to 7 days.
flubendiamide Fame, Katana Lepidoptera. Larvae. Borers, hornworm, armyworm other caterpillars 28 disrupt muscle function 60 gr a.i./ha safe for bees, birds, mammals and contamination.
flupyradifurone Sivanto sucking pests Aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, leaf miners. Beetles and weevils 4D translaminar 200-400ml/ acre, soil application double. root application recommended. Constant suspension required to avoid settling REI 4hrs. PHI 1 day. 3 X season
imidaclorpid Confidor, Admire, Neon Broad spectrum insecticide. aphids, thrips, whitefly, mites Neonicotinoid 4A systemic insecticide 0.5 - 1.0 ml/ ltr 7 day interval between treatments Low toxic to environment. Hazardous to bees.
lambda-cyhalothrin Matador, Karate aphids, Colorado potato beetles, beetle larvae and adults, flies, leafhoppers, lepidopteran larvae and adults, plant bugs, stinkbugs, thrips and whiteflies. pyrethroid 3 insecticide120 g / ltr active ingredient 0.5 0.8 ml/ ltr PHI 1 to 3 days (vegetables) toxic to environment
novaluron (indoxicarb) Plethora moths, caterpillar, Heliothis, other borers (lepidoptera, Spodoptera) 22 350ml/acre 0.7-1ml/ ltr PHI 7days, REI 12 hrs Toxic to mamals, poliators, aquatic life, birds
rynaxypyr Ferterra, Coragen chewing pests. Lepidoptera. Fruit and stem borers, beetles, weevils, caterpillars. Ovi-larvicidal 22 disrupt muscle function. Some sustemic 10-60ml product/ha safe for bees, birds, mammals and contamination. Product safe. Up to 6 applications /season.
spinosad Spintor, Conserve, Tracer thrips & caterpillar. Borers, bolworm 5 highly active both by contact & ingestion insecticide forneural 120-180ml /acre 0.5ml/ltr based on compound in bacteria minimum 5 days interval Low toxic for mammals,birds,bees, auqatic life. Quick degradable.
spinetoram 11.7 metoxyfenoxide Delegate, Radiant, Exalt, Intrepid Ovicidal Caterpillars, maggots, thrips, leaf miners, Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, mealy bugs. 18 neural. Contact, ingestion 2-3 weeks persistant 0.5 ml/ ltr Semisynthetic 'spinosad' Low toxic for mammals, birds, bees, aquatic life. Quick degradable
spiromesofen Oberon 240 miticide. Insecticide. Ovicidal. Spider mite and white fly 23 60 ml / 100 lts of water per 1000m2
spirotetramat (+imidacloprid) Movento 240 Young stages thrips, leaf miners, Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, mealy bugs. 23 (+4) Complete systemic. Growth regulator 200-400ml /ha Low toxic. Safe for bees (imidacloprid is a neonicotinoid,not safe polinators)
thiametoxam Evident, Actara, Bheema Aphids, leaf miners, white fly, mealy bugs. 4A systemic 0.4ml/ltr Long persistance acetamprid (similar to clothianidine) and theocloprid less dangerous for polinators than imidacloprid. Low contamination HP1 day
tolfenpyrad Keefun hoppers, aphids, Diamond Back Moth, Tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera), bugs, Scale insects, psylla, thrips, borer, leaf miner, mites etc 21 pyrazole. Contact and ingestion. 1ml/ltr affects all stages of insects, include eggs Breaks down in 4 days
cartap hydrocloride Cartap, Capstar leaf miners, diamondback, thrips 4C systemic 4 gr/ltr. 2kg/ha PHI 1 to 3 weeks water of pH 4, don’t overstay liquid
fipronil 200 Regent Lepidoptera, orthodoptera, coleoptera. Larvicide. Aphids, white fly, jassids, thrips. 2B neural 1 ml/ltr PHI 1 week low contamination. Unsafe birds, bees, aquatic life. comparative to neonicothinoids
thiodicarb 3.2 Larvin Insecticide/Ovicide thrips, aphids, all stages fruit borers, back diamond, etc. Spodoptera 1A 0.6 - 1.0 ml/ltr no mixing with mancozeb, copper, sulfur Moderate poisenous for polinators. Breaks down in methomyl
thiocloprid 21.7 Alanto Aphids, white fly, jassid, some stem borer 4A systemic 0.5-0.6ml/ltr neonicotinoid. Low poisenous for polinators
azadarachtin Very broad spectrum. Tuta a., beet armyworm (Spodoptera), fruit borer (Helicoverpa a.) , sucking and eating insects IRAC UN > 2-4ml/ltr repellent organic
Beauvaria bassiana white fly, thrips, aphids, beetles, weevils, mites, borers,(Anthropods) IRAC UNF parasitic fungus
Pinana insecticide pyrethrum + canola oil insects, mites
pyrethrin+pipronyl+butoxide synergist for carbamate and pyrothroides insecticides
Marigold fruit borers (Helicoverpa) one row for every ten rows of crop
Mint one row for every ten rows of crop
Union one row for every ten rows of crop
Garlic one row for every ten rows of crop
Lemon grass one row for every ten rows of crop
Dille one row for every ten rows of crop
Sage one row for every ten rows of crop
HORTICULTURAL OILS check compatibility with other products
Pongamia Oil thrips o., mites, 5-10 ml/ltr
Neem Oil (NSKE) thrips o., mites, 4-6 ml/ltr
NATURAL ENEMIES thrips o., mites, 4-6 ml/ltr
Ambleius swirky Tuta a. , thrips
Steinernema cutworm (Agrotis i.), Thrips
Hererorhabitis cutworm (Agrotis i.)
Encarsia formosais Enerwix white fly (Bemisia spp)
Phtoseiulus persimilis control of two spotted mites
pheromone trap 0.8 mg lures. Tuta a.
pheromone trap Deltatrap 4/ha Liriomyza (leaf miner) scouting prupose
Yellow sticky card white fly (Bemisia spp), mites and other insects 1-4/100m2
Blue sticky card thrips 1/100m2
White sticky cards thrips, mites, others 40/ha
vermicompost 500gr/m2 prevents pests and diseases 40/ha
methomyl bite 10 kg paddy husk, 1 kg jagary solution. Keep overnight. Add 1/2ltr-kg methomyl. Make small balls and distribute at plant basis and surrounding area. fruit borers and other Lepidoptera