A pillar in our consultancy: Management & Implementation

Production and trading/marketing are paramount, but management has a wider scope. It includes awareness of the business environment, innovations and new business strategies; networking, business promotion, internal changes and so on.
Bangalore Plants First is a source for these management objectives.

High-tech, knowledge-based horticulture- and floriculture- production and marketing demands an equally high level of professional management. Knowledge has to be implemented to be effective, hence the staff has to be educated and experienced.
Management in the horticulture and floriculture business is different in process and product.

Some distinct differences are:

  • Production process is influenced by fluctuating natural conditions and the process may take months.
  • Produce is often perishable and delicate, with short shelf life.
  • Quality is subjective and often based on perception and depends on demand versus supply.
  • Prices fluctuate on variations in supply volume and due to limited storage possibility.

Our support in management is based on the traditional 5-step management structure, offering effective guidance to program and operate a business.

Planning Setting realistic objectives as a guideline for business establishment and activity
Organizing Putting in place elements and details to achieve proposed objectives
Executing Realization of the planned operations and concepts
Control Checking and feedback in regard to planned processes, progress and completion
Analysis Examine deviations in operations, financial result and propose improvements


Holistic aspects in management do not impact this scheme. The organisation may be more strict or more laisse-fair, more authoritarian or democratic, central or delegated, team work or individualistic and so on.The company culture or personalities of the managers are free to impose a certain management style.

From these perspectives, Bangalore Plants First offers advisory services to ensure smooth functioning of the business. We put in place administrative systems and financial controls and take up interim management.